Spore Creature Creator Debuts June 17

While the full version of evolution simulator Spore isn't slated to arrive until September 7, developer Maxis and studio owner Electronic Arts have announced that the game's creature creation toolset will be available to PC owners worldwide beginning June 17. nope

On that day, a demo version of the Creature Creator, containing 25% of the title's total creature parts, will be released as a free download. That demo will also be packed within the upcoming SimCity Box (PC) compilation.

Those seeking access to the whole of the game's creature-making parts before its September debut will need to hunt down the retail version of the Spore Creature Creator, which will sell for $9.99 in North America and 9.99 EUR in most European territories.

Both versions of the Creature Creator will allow wannabe Dr. Frankensteins will to import their virtual lifeforms into the full game as well as upload videos of their creations onto YouTube.

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