Rockstar on Grand Theft Auto MMO

Rockstar founder Sam Houser recently chatted about the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 4 release, and the GTA franchise in general. Although the idea of a GTA MMO has certainly been tossed around a few times before, hearing one of the founders of Rockstar Games make such a strong statement on the matter is, well.. compelling. The actual quote from Mr. Houser is:

"A subscription-based Grand Theft Auto-type game.. is very, very doable and is a very, very compelling proposition.. the combination of what we're doing with multiplayer and what we're doing with the [downloadable X360] episodes is the start of us putting our toes in this water and seeing how our audience.. adapts to online."

Not exactly a huge shocker, but in case you thought the guys at Rockstar Games were not interested in making lots of money, there you go. They like money and chances are they would like more of yours.

It is also probably worth noting here that the folks who made Crackdown, which include Grand Theft Auto creator Dave Jones, are actually already working on something similar: the APB property, which they just recently dropped even more cash on. More on Grand Theft Auto, the 1UP interview, and thanks Kotaku.