Seven Pirates of the Burning Sea Servers Closing, Only Four to Remain

Developer Flying Lab Software has revealed that it will be shutting down 7 of the 11 servers for its MMO Pirates of the Burning Sea (PC) in order to consolidate the player population. nope

"It has become clear that key game features require populations of higher density in order to function at optimum levels," the studio wrote on the game's official site. "We were spreading our overall population too thin."

"In more recent builds, we were able to improve our server technology to allow for an even larger population than we were originally equipped to handle," the company added.

Launched less three months ago, Pirates of the Burning Sea has players of different factions duking it out via naval, land, and economic warfare for territorial control. Most subscribers are currently able to transfer their existing characters to one of the remaining servers, though Australians on the Invincible server do not have that ability.

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