RTS Dev. Petroglyph Readying Free-to-Play Game; Will Be Supported by Micro-transactions

Publisher True Games Interactive today announced that it has partnered with independent developer Petroglyph to create a free-to-play real-time strategy game that will be supported by micro-transactions.

Founded by ex-Westwood employees, Petroglyph is best known for its Star Wars: Empire at War (PC) and Universe at War: Earth Assault (PC, X360) RTS titles. Micro-transactions commonly refer to in-game items sold at a low sum of actual currency.

The studio marks the latest established developer to pursue the lucrative free-to-play market. Battlefield creator EA DICE is currently prepping its free-to-play effort Battlefield Heroes, which will be supported by out-of-game advertising and micro-transaction revenue.

"Petroglyph is known for high quality RTS games that appeal on a global level, and when combined with True Games' expertise in the micro-transaction arena we have the recipe for an international blockbuster," said True Games chief publishing officer Jeff Lujan. True Games will publish in North America, with the duo seeking international distributors.

"The management at True Games has a truly impressive background and knowledge of the Free-to-Play and micro-transaction based space on a global scale," added Petroglyph CEO Chuck Kroegel. "This partnership is a perfect match for us."

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