Report: Wii-like Remote in Development for Xbox 360

By Aaron Linde, Apr 07, 2008 8:01pm PDT According to MTV News, Microsoft has been working on a Wii Remote-like motion sensitive controller for its Xbox 360 console since last summer, citing an unnamed developer who had been briefed on the controller.

The source provided MTV News with a decidedly lo-fi sketch of the controller (pictured left), and claims that the controller isn't very different in functionality from Nintendo's Wii remote. It incorporates four face buttons, an analog stick, a speaker and a microphone. The source added that there are plans for the controller to interact with the Xbox Live Vision Camera.

The controller is supposedly part of a much more ambitious plan than a simple response to Nintendo's waggle-centric casual lineup.

"They want the usual assortment of Halo, Gears, Forza, whatever, just in waggle form," the source told MTV News. "[Microsoft] marketing just want it so they can match the Wii point for point. The biggest parts of their marketing materials outline how easy it would be for third parties to port their Wii games to the 360."

It was also said that Microsoft tasked its wholly-owned studio Rare (Perfect Dark Zero, Banjo-Kazooie) with creating a unified interface and look for the controller, as well as designing a Mii-like avatar system to accompany it in any game which makes use of the remote.

The success of Nintendo's Wii console and Sony's adoption of motion-sensing control with the PS3's Sixaxis controller have led many to speculate on Microsoft's plans for an entry into the motion-sensing sphere. Though the company has never denied an interest in motion-sensitive controllers, there has been no official word on development from Microsoft itself to date.

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  • I actually think MS would be better off with something like:

    * A pair of wireless pistol grip controllers (not with a long barrel or anything), closest to the nunchuck
    * Left and right hand reflected identical controllers
    * Properly aligned thumb-sticks on top, but out to the side a bit
    * With infrared cameras (for aiming),
    * A trigger and bumper button on the front
    * 3 noiseless mouse style buttons on the side allowing for different sized fingers
    * Proper motion sensing (3 axis accelerometer AND a 3 axis gyro)
    * Some nice rumble
    * Wireless Charging
    * A clip on "bridge" that would allow you to join the two together like a standard controller.
    * Monkeys flying out of my ass