BioShock 2 Job Listings Suggest PS3, X360 Editions, Drop Small Story Tidbit

Five job listings for BioShock 2 have appeared on Gamasutra, offering new tidbits on the possible platforms and story of the narrative-driven shooter sequel.

Revealed earlier this year and due out at some point between August and October 2009, BioShock 2 is currently under development at 2K Marin with the involvement of series creator Ken Levine. No platforms have been announced, though the original released simultaneously on PC and Xbox 360.

While all five roles--senior designer, lead designer, character rigger/animator, senior animator, and FX artist--generically list PlayStation 3, Xbox and Wii under platforms, nothing else within the job descriptions implies a Wii edition is underway.

However, the text for the role of senior designer specifically notes that PlayStation 3 experience is required, strongly suggesting that a PlayStation 3 version of BioShock 2 is being developed alongside the possible PC and Xbox 360 editions.

Additionally, the job listing for character rigger/animator reveals that the game will take place within the fictional underwater city of Rapture.

"You will assist in creating the thousands of animations required to make the world of Rapture compelling and richly layered," it reads. "Come and embrace your inner Frankenstein."

While a return to the setting of the first game is not all that surprising, given the conclusion of BioShock and the persistent rumors of a prequel, it suggests that BioShock 2 could detail the events that led to the original game, including the rise and fall of Rapture.