Demigod Delayed until 2009, Summer Beta Detailed; Stardock to Publish with No Copy Protection

By Chris Faylor, Apr 07, 2008 9:33am PDT Gas Powered Games' RTS-RPG hybrid Demigod (PC) has been delayed into 2009 and will be published by digital and retail distributor Stardock, the two companies announced today.

Previously expected to arrive in fall 2008, Demigod was pushed to February 2009 in order to integrate feedback from the forthcoming summer public beta test. The game puts players in control of a massive golem, tasked with destroying an opponents army before the same fate befalls their army.

As with Ironclad Games' Stardock-published RTS Sins of a Solar Empire (PC), Demigod will not sport any type of on-disc copy protection. The companies also noted that the game has been budgeted for "many months of free post-release feature updates."

"Not only do we have a proven retail publisher, but we get to partner with a pioneer in the digital distribution space...a company that totally understands what kind of experience our customer wants and the quality game they demand," said Gas Powered Games founder and CEO Chris Taylor. "The whole proposition is truly refreshing.”

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  • Everytime I hear about this game, I just get the feeling that they're making a general DotA-esque game. It seems to me like they're neglecting the finer details which make the game so competitive: creep blocking, denies, and not so much HUGE battles but multiple skirmishes. Everything seems like it's just swarm vs. swarm with titans tipping the balance, whereas in DotA heroes are battling that can hide and convert creeps, etc. It's weird how the scale of the demigods irritates me.

    All in all, I suspect it won't fair nearly as well as DotA or whatever comes out for SC2.