Hellgate: London Receives Additional Financing; Flagship Uses Sales Rights As Loan Collatoral

By Aaron Linde, Mar 26, 2008 11:43am PDT Flagship Studios, creators of Mythos (PC) and Hellgate: London (PC), announced today that it has secured financing with Texas-based Comerica Bank to support the continuing development of its franchises.

Comerica Bank stated that it is using an independent film financing model as the basis for a multi-million dollar financing package, which is backed by the sale and distribution rights for Hellgate: London.

"By following a model similar to independent film financing, we are able to directly finance ongoing content for our online games without relying upon a publisher's investment," said Flagship business development director Steve Goldstein.

He added, "As the PC game business makes the transition from the boxed retail model to the online model, alternative financing will become a cornerstone of expanding the industry."

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  • I also really love the game now after the couple of last patches (1.1/1.2), but there's still so much for them to do to fix/change stuff on the content you get out of the box.

    They really need more tilesets and more different types of "buildingblocks" the levels consist of (for more variety) and most important of all they really need to change the way levels are inside the game. All levels are simply tunnels from the spawnpoint to the exitpoint, and that's just not acceptable in the long run. There's absolutely no correlation or feeling of place and space between the stations and all the different levels. What I was hoping for with Hellgate from early on, after seeing a video demonstration they did, was a world like in Diablo 2 where the whole 'overworld' is right there and you walk around in it. In that demonstration they did have that in there, they went from street level down into the subway station and on from there down into sewer levels, but not through magical tubes sticking up and out of everywhere-- the level loads between the different areas matched up (yes, like Half-Life) and there was a sense of where you were in the world. That's still completely what I want Hellgate to become. Actually, I see one of the bulletpoints for the next content-patch is an 'adventure-area' which I take to sound like the big kind of consistent map I want. I'm probably wrong, I guess. Hehe.

    The other thing is I really wish they'd come up with another way to pay and play new and upcoming added content. I'll just hold out on subscribing for as long as possible to prevent myself from jumping in and then later deciding "fuck it" and jumping out again-- but then being stuck with all subscriber gear or some idiotic situation like that. This 'let's fragment the player base as much as possible' model is severly retarded.