Sony, Others Investigated by US Government for Alleged Blu-ray Patent Infringement

The US International Trade Commission said that it will launch a patent infringement investigation into technologies related to the Blu-ray format, GameSpot reports.

The Commission noted that the investigation will be focused on "certain short-wavelength light emitting diodes, laser diodes, and products containing same." It named several companies in the investigation including Sony, which created the Blu-ray format, as well as Samsung, Sharp, Toshiba, Nokia and several others.

Blu-ray was crowned the winner of the "format wars" following hardware manufacturer Toshiba's announcement last month that it would cease production of HD DVD players and recorders. Currently, Sony's PlayStation 3 is the only game console that supports the Blu-ray format.

The investigation was sparked by a complaint filed on February 20 by Gertrude Neumark Rothschild, who claimed that laser diodes imported for use in Blu-ray and other high-definition disc players infringe on one of her patents. Rothschild requested that the Trade Commission issue cease and desist orders to all the companies named in the investigation.