Dreamfall on Xbox Live Marketplace Next Week

Microsoft revealed today that Funcom's Dreamfall: Game of the Year Edition (PC, Xbox) is the newest addition to the Xbox 360's online Xbox Originals catalog, and will be available this coming Monday. nope

Originally released in 2006, Dreamfall is the acclaimed sequel to Funcom's The Longest Journey (PC) and often noted as a highlight of the adventure gaming genre. The downloadable title will be priced at 1200 Microsoft Points ($15).

After less than stellar retail sales of Dreamfall, Funcom announced Dreamfall Chapters, an episodic continuation of the series' storyline. Since the announcement, however, Funcom has remained mum on the episodic series' development.

Dreamfall marks the latest addition to the Xbox Originals catalog which launched late last year. Other Xbox Originals releases include Bungie's Halo, Double Fine's Psychonauts, and Team Ninja's Ninja Gaiden Black, all priced at 1200 Microsoft Points ($15).