Rock Band Patch Adds Music Store, Fixes Issues

An upcoming downloadable patch for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 editions of Rock Band will resolve a number of complaints as well as add a new in-game music store, developer Harmonix announced today.

When the patch arrives later this week, players will be automatically prompted to download it when they sign into Xbox Live or PlayStation Network.

Allowing users to preview and buy new tracks from within the game, the new music store represents one of the title's most-requested features. Other functions of the store include the ability to easily search and sort through the game's numerous downloadable songs.

Other tweaks, as detailed on the official Rock Band forums, include faster loading of downloaded content, improved phoneme recognition for singers, and a fix to resolve constant repetition of tracks in Band World Tour.

The studio has also improved microphone lag in the PlayStation 3 edition, made band logos visible over Xbox Live, and raised the limit on fans under certain difficulty levels in Band World Tour, allowing players to progress further in the multiplayer mode without switching to a harder setting.