Guitar Hero DS, Guitar Grip Peripheral Revealed

Activision has revealed the long-rumored DS rendition of its Guitar Hero franchise and its accompanying peripheral, IGN reports.

Entitled Guitar Hero: On Tour, the game utilizes a peripheral called the Guitar Grip to recreate the Guitar Hero experience. The peripheral plugs into the Nintendo DS's Game Boy Advance slot on the bottom of the system and features four buttons versus the traditional guitar controller's five. nope

With the peripheral in place, the DS is held in a book-style orientation in which the touch screen is used to strum. The Guitar Grip also features a strap to secure the peripheral and system to gamers' sweaty mitts.

Guitar Hero: On Tour will feature more than 20 licensed songs from bands such as Nirvana, OK Go, and No Doubt, along with the usual slew of unlockable guitarists and other bonuses that gamers expect from the series. The game is developed by Vicarious Visions, and is scheduled for release this summer.

The announcement confirms Guitar Hero: On Tour as one of two Guitar Hero titles revealed by Activision to be due out before the summer, the other being the recently announced Guitar Hero: Aerosmith. A third Guitar Hero title, which is rumored to be Guitar Hero IV, is scheduled for release in the fall.