PS3 In-game Communication This Summer

By Aaron Linde, Mar 03, 2008 2:29pm PST An upcoming firmware update for the PlayStation 3 will integrate in-game communication into the console's operating system, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe managing director told MCV.

The PS3's current 2.10 firmware does not allow users to send or receive messages within all games, though certain titles support both voice and text communication.

Speaking on the momentum of the console, Maguire noted that sales of the PlayStation 3 would be bolstered by in-game communication, to be implemented via firmware update 2.4 this summer.

However, Sony refused to clarify whether or not the addition of in-game communication means integration with the XMB interface. "I'm afraid we are not releasing any further information with regards to firmware version 2.4 at this time," a representative informed Next-Gen.

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  • Why don't they include a headset standard?

    Even though you can buy one, that will never take off. You need to force that on everyone from the beginning. No matter what, half the people in game won't have a mic, so its pretty much ruined. This is the same thing that sucks for the Wii and kills Mario Kart for me right out of the box. Tons of great games that miss the thing that I've come to love the most,... being able to play with my friends and actually hear them.

    I feel like the people making the decisions at these places are still in 1995. Hitting my friend with a Blue Shell to have him curse me out is 1000 times better then hitting him with a blue shell and not hearing him say anything. This isn't rocket science... and I'm surprised it doesn't bother more people. Its one of the reasons I think Counter-Strike is so big.. because that was one of the first MP games that built voice right into it (or at least made it popular)

    its hard enough to talk some friends into even buying a console, nevermind "Hey, now you have to go buy a mic".

    Fuck. I want to buy a blu ray player, but give me more of a reason other then that to buy your console. . If MS just announces an add on soon, Sony is not getting my money this time around.