God of War PS3 'Coming Soon'

BOOM widget 116673 SCE Santa Monica's PlayStation 3 entry in its deity slaughtering action series God of War is "coming soon," according an ad in the instruction manual for the upcoming God of War: Chains of Olympus (PSP), which was delivered to Shack's Indiana branch this evening.

No additional details were provided on the title, which was hypothetically mentioned by God of War II (PS2) director Cory Barlog during a launch party for the sequel last spring, and then confirmed after Barlog left SCEA in the fall.

"If we were to do a God of War III [on PS3], then it would finish this massive story," Barlog said during the launch event. "We've always imagined God of War as a trilogy, but the PSP game very much ties into it."

The tease of another God of War title within the packaging of the series' latest entry continues a tradition that began with God of War II, the manual of which confirmed the long-rumored PSP edition. However, the God of War PS3 ad fails to specify a tentative date as the PSP one did.

Developed by Ready at Dawn with the participation of SCE Santa Monica staff, God of War: Chains of Olympus, the franchise's first PSP outing, ships to North American retailers on March 4.