Battlefield Heroes Has No In-game Advertising

Despite being a free-to-play ad-supported web title, EA DICE's upcoming cartoony shooter Battlefield Heroes (PC) will not feature any type of in-game advertising or product placement, senior producer Ben Cousins revealed during a presentation attended by Shacknews.

Rather, the advertising revenue will come from the title's official web site, which players must visit to launch the game. A bright yellow "Play Now!" button will be prominently featured on the page, along with news posts, details on purchasable items, and, of course, banner ads.

Similar ads are affixed to game's loading screens and registration page, guaranteeing a number of ad views whenever players launch the game. Cousins also touched on project's low system requirements, which mandate that players have a 1GHz processor and an integrated graphics chip in their system. nope

However, the producer remained mostly silent about the title's oft-mentioned micro-transactions, refusing to specify whether purchasable items will be restricted to fashion accessories or if they will include game-altering weapons and abilities.

Sporting a number of casual-oriented tweaks and modifications, Battlefield Heroes is slated to arrive this summer. For more information, check out today's bonanza of details.