World in Conflict Patch 1.006 Released

A new World in Conflict patch has been released, updating Massive Entertainment's alternate history strategy game to version 1.006. The update offers bug fixes, balancing changes and a number of new features.

Update #006

This is the sixth update for World in Conflict, focused primarily on balancing and several new features like enhanced server filters, enhanced "Play Now" functions and a feature to hamper clan smurfing. There are also several additions and enhancements to the various communications tools featured in the game.

New features:

- New server list filters added, Rank Balance (Any, Rank Balanced, Not Rank Balanced).

- New server list filters added, Game Mode (Any, Domination Only, Assault Only, Tug of War Only).

- Some settings are now forced on Ranked Servers.

- Implemented features to prevent clan smurfing.

- Made all text messages more intelligible through better screen placing and color.

- Added visual travel directions on some Tactical Aid markers.

- Added a feature where player units are high-lighted when using VOIP.

- Added text and sound warnings when doing damage to teammates.

- Improved the alias functionality, making it possible to bind a specific key to a specific tactical aid and much more (see this post for details).

- Changed the default colors available in "Set Player Color" (see this post for details).

- Changed behavior for the mode Special Abilities. Activating it twice via the keyboard shortcut will no longer abort it.

- Added ability to define your own colors in "Set Player Color".

- The Options for "Play Now" has a new direct shortcut under the "Play Now" button.

- "Play Now" will default to Rank Balanced Domination Only servers, this can be changed in "Options>Massgate".

- Added an option to change camera height in "Options>Controls>Camera Maximum Height".

- Added name of current server to end screen.

- CheckMouseDown function added to python modding interface (mod specific).

Units and balancing:

- All out-of-role unit costs have been reduced.

- Increased cost of the Laser Guided Bomb Tactical Aid for all roles.

- Heavy Anti-Air Vehicle now gives 40% more score when killed.

- Heavy Anti-Air Vehicle view range and fire range decreased.

- Heavy Attack Helicopter fire range and special ability fire range decreased.

- Heavy Attack Helicopter rocket accuracy decreased.

- Medium Anti-Air Vehicle fire range decreased.

- Medium Anti-Air Vehicle accuracy decreased.

- Light Tank cannon damage increased.

- Updated hit boxes for USSR Transport Truck.

- Tweaked Tactical Aid marker behavior to make the rotation more responsive.

- Tweaked the auto team balance feature to start earlier.

- Tweaked do_quarry to fix incorrect path-finding in several places.

Bug fixes:

- Fixed a bug where Tactical Nukes sometimes wouldn't make Command Points go neutral.

- Fixed a bug where infantry in houses would not always auto-acquire targets.

- Fixed a bug with Reinforcement Menu sometimes not closing correctly right at the start of a game.

- Fixed a crash bug on "Mission 1 - Invasion" of single-player.

- Fixed a bug on do_xmas where a bridge would become impassable after having been blown apart and repaired three times.

- Fixed a bug that made texture streaming sometimes fail on single core computers resulting in low resolution textures.