EA Planning Sequels for Need for Speed, Burnout, Skate, Rock Band; Talks Spore Expansion Plans

By Chris Faylor, Feb 12, 2008 7:37pm PST Electronic Arts is unsurprisingly planning future iterations for many of the hit franchises it publishes, including EA Black Box's Need for Speed, Criterion's Burnout, EA Black Box's Skate, and Harmonix's Rock Band.

EA president Frank Gibeau discussed the plans in an analyst meeting today, listing them as part of the company's "turn-around" strategy, which is focused on "a strong pipeline of innovative sequels and new IP" and increased digital revenue through titles such as Mythic's Warhammer Online and EA DICE's Battlefield Heroes.

As for the new IP, the president highlighted the company's plans to publish EA Los Angeles' Tiberium, BioWare's Dragon Age, DICE's Mirror's Edge, Pandemic's Saboteur, Valve's Left 4 Dead, and EA Redwood Shores' Dead Space.

Gibeau also mentioned the company's plans for EA Maxis' just-dated Spore (PC, NDS), detailing that efforts to bring the evolutionary simulator to more platforms and produce expansion content are already underway. The studio is known to be working on a Wii edition of the game.

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  • You know, there's a purely statistical measure of the amount of information contained within a message, directly related to how much unpredictable information is in the message.

    So, if I tell you that EA has decided to discontinue the Madden franchise, there's some information there, statistically speaking.

    If I tell you that the sun rose today, and it is going to rise tomorrow ... I have communicated about the amount of information contained within this news item.

    We're all just being assholes, there actually is a fair amount of information in the post ... good to hear about more from Bioware ... wait didn't all of this stuff get mentioned before? Nevermind, no info. :)