EA Extends NFL License Agreements

By Maarten Goldstein, Feb 12, 2008 7:49am PST

In a move sure to shock not a single person, Electronic Arts today announced it has extended deals it signed back in 2004 with the National Football League and the NFL Players Association that allowed the company to exclusively develop, publish and distribute football games for all console and handheld platforms.The original contracts were for a five year period; the extensions negotiated by EA lengthen the deals until the 2012 season. No financial terms were disclosed.

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  • Peter Moore insists that EA didn't seek out this exclusivity deal but rather that the NFL wanted it and solicited bids from interested developers. But seeing as how EA is the second largest publisher in the industry and the largest sports game publisher doesn't that give them an unfair advantage in a bidding war? I haven't bought an NFL game since NFL 2k5 and I guess it will have to stay that way unless EA steps up their game, but seeing as they have no reason too I highly doubt Madden '09 will be worth buying.

    Here's to hoping Backbreaker will be good or that somehow 2k can do better than last year's APF outing, if they are even going to make another on this year.