New Opoona Screens, March 25 Release Date

By Aaron Linde, Feb 07, 2008 12:32pm PST Publisher Koei has released new screenshots and details for ArtePiazza's upcoming Wii RPG Opoona, scheduled for a North American release on March 25.

Described as a "lifestyle RPG," Opoona tells the story of a lad who crash lands on a mysterious planet after his spaceship suffers a malfunction. Marooned on the strange new world, Opoona must fight a horde of evil creatures, search for his family, meet friends and find a job. Talk about dark. The game features an action-oriented combat system focusing on Nunchuk—not Wii Remote, mind—waggling, which controls all of Opoona's commands.

ArtePiazza previously developed Super Famicom, PS2 and DS remakes of several titles in Square Enix's legendary Dragon Quest series.

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