Black Lion Studios Announces Shadow Harvest

By Aaron Linde, Jan 31, 2008 5:32pm PST Germany-based Black Lion Studios has announced Shadow Harvest, a third-person near-future stealth action game in development for Xbox 360 and PC. The studio also released a handful of bloomtacular screenshots for the upcoming title.
Shadow Harvest is described as a "dual-character-shooter," but information in the press release indicates it is a single-player game in which the player switches between control of an espionage-oriented character and a close combat-oriented one, rather than a cooperative title.

Black Lion Studios is projecting a first quarter 2009 release of the title. Perhaps significantly, the game's official site features the Vista and DirectX 10 logos alongside the Xbox 360 logo, and not a generic PC or Games for Windows logo, as the sites of most PC games do, which may suggest the game requires Vista in its Windows incarnation.

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