Electronic Arts Posts Q3 Net Loss, Record Revenue; Rock Band Sells 1.5 Million

Publisher Electronic Arts posted a net loss of $33 million over its third quarter ending December 31, according to the company's most recent financial results released today.

The loss--in part due to higher costs in production, marketing, and R&D costs--comes alongside record sales numbers, with revenues of some $1.503 billion, which it claims as the largest one-quarter take of any third party publisher in history.

The achievement is attributed to strong sales of Need for Speed Pro Street, FIFA 08, The Simpons Game, Madden NFL 08, and others.

Rock Band sales were also listed, with the $160+ Harmonix-developed rhythm-game bundle selling 1.5 million units between its November 20 release and the end of December.

The game drove record performance of EA Partners, the publisher's division that handles games by independent developers. EA Partners also released Crytek's Crysis (PC), Flagship Studios' Hellgate: London (PC), and Valve's The Orange Box (PC, PS3, X360).

EA will release further information in a conference call to be held at 2:00pm PST.