Nintendo Sales Top $12 Billion, Profits Exceed $2B

Nintendo has announced that sales for the first nine months of its current fiscal year topped $12.3 billion and that its profit exceeds $2.4 billion--nearly double those of the same period from last year.

The company attributed the jump to extremely strong sales of its Wii and Nintendo DS hardware and software. Over 24.5 million Nintendo DS units have been sold across the past nine months, with the Wii selling in excess of 14.29 million during the same time frame.

Based on these figures, the company now expects the fiscal year's sales to total $15.2 billion, with $2.5 billion of that being profit. In all, the company has sold nearly 65 million Nintendo DSes and over 20 million Wiis since the systems launched. At least 7 million Wiis and 18 million DSes have been sold in North America alone.

Top-selling software for the company included Nintendo's Wii Play (Wii), Nintendo EAD Tokyo's Super Mario Galaxy (Wii) and Game Freak's Pokemon Diamond (NDS).

Prior to today's announcement, Webdush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter expected Nintendo to report sales of $5.28 billion for its third fiscal quarter. However, a quarterly breakdown was not yet available.