TF2 Getting Second CTF Map Very Soon

The second official Capture the Intelligence map for the PC version of Team Fortress 2 may arrive as soon as tomorrow, developer Valve told PC Gamer.

A retooled version of the existing Well area, the reworking sports the same basic layout but removes the Control Points of its other iteration, with intelligence packages placed at each team's base instead. Of course, the existing Control Point edition will still be available for play. nope

The studio noted that the map is tentatively planned to arrive tomorrow, January 24, but that its release may slip until next week. When the game first debuted last fall, many criticized the colorful class-based multiplayer shooter for containing five Control Point maps but only one CTF environment.

In addition to the new version of Well, Valve is also planning to implement two more maps--Badlands and Goldrush--along with a new gameplay mode, class-specific achievements and unlockable items within the next month or so.

The company has repeatedly expressed its intent to provide owners of the PC version with free game-expanding content and features, though it has yet to determine how or if the additional content will be added to the console editions.