Sweepstakes: Your Favorite Civilization

By Jeff, Jan 24, 2008 7:48am PST

Sid Meier's Civilization is a long running PC classic currently being adapted for a new multiplatform style, and the progenitor of its own genre. One of the notable features of these games was picking your favorite civilization, be it for its leader, its cultural strengths, its special units, or just just the way they happen to talk. Well, we thought maybe we could have a little contest around here courtesy of a certain wonderful community manager over at 2K Games.

Shackers, tell us of your favorite real or fictional civilization. Give a short description of the civilization, who the leader is and their traits, and what is their favored military unit and building. You can see examples from Civilization 4 at CivFanatics. No more than a paragraph or two per element please.

Up for grabs will be a Civilization Revolution Xbox 360 faceplate and one of these BioShock t-shirts which we have both men's large and women's medium sizes. Four winners will be chosen randomly from the submissions, so no one should feel any intimidation by participating. Entries will be accepted until Monday, January 28th at midnight CST.

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  • Civilization: 12 Colonies of Kobol
    The 12 Colonies of Kobol was founded by settlers from the 12 tribes of Kobol around 2000 years ago. The government was established under the Articles of Colonization appointing a Presidential position as well as a cabinet. It also established the Quorum of 12 which represent the interests of each individual colony. The creation of the Cylons as a means of labor led to a revolution of growth. When the Cylons became self-aware it resulted in the First Cylon War which ended in an Armistice. It has been 40 years since the war and the Colonies have progressed much since then and the Colonial Military has since then grown and over 200 Battlestars serve in the Colonial Fleet.

    Starting techs: CNP (Command Navigation Program)
    The latest in military computer operating system, it was developed by the brilliant Dr. Gaius Baltar who is an expert in computer technology. This program allows ships in the Colonial military to be interconnected on the same information network to share intelligence, sensor data, and battle operating systems.

    Leader: Commander William Adama (Creative, Initiative)
    Veteran of the First Cylon War, he served as a Viper Pilot participating in numerous engagements with the Cylons. He excelled in his combat skills becoming a crack pilot. He took a brief break in service when he was discharged following the end of the war and served briefly as a freighter crewmember. Adama later returned to the Colonial Fleet using political connections of his wife Carolanne. He rose through the ranks attaining the rank of Commander and was a staff officer on many Battlestars. His previous assignment was CO on the Battlestar Valkyrie and is now currently serving as CO on the Galactica, one of the oldest Battlestars in the fleet. His mistrust of technology has led him to minimize the use of technology as they have been weak points to Cylon cyber infiltration, in particular networked systems.

    Trait 1: Technophobic (+2 Network security, -1 efficiency)
    Trait 2: Crack Pilots (+1 Dogfighting, +1 Emo)

    Unique unit 1: Battlestar Galactica
    An aging warship, this Battlestar has been refitted many times since the first Cylon War and is outclassed by much of the newer ships in the colonial fleet. Considered inefficient due to its size and crew requirements, the ship has been slated to be retired and be modified to become a museum honoring the history of the First Cylon War.

    Unique unit 2: Viper Mk VII
    The latest frontline fighter of the Colonial Fleet, it has advanced avionics and is faster and more maneuverable than its previous iterations. It is equipped with the latest version of the CNP software giving it improved battlespace awareness and communication with the Colonial Fleet.