Rock Band Sales Top 1 Million; Full Albums Soon, Over 2.5M Downloadable Tracks Sold

The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 editions of Harmonix's multi-instrument title Rock Band have sold in excess of 1 million units, according to figures provided by Microsoft and sales-tracking firm NPD, with the majority of those sales being the Xbox 360 version. nope

Furthermore, over 2.5 million downloadable songs have been sold since the game's November 20 debut, Harmonix owner MTV Games has announced. New tracks are released weekly via the online PlayStation Store and Xbox Live Marketplace, where they are typically sold by themselves for $2 or in three-song packs for $5.50.

MTV pledged that new songs will be available every week of 2008, including new tunes from Oasis, Smashing Pumpkins, Coheed and Cambria, Rush, and Grateful Dead. Shacknews is, of course, ever-hopeful that our most-wanted songs are among this year's releases.

The promised full album downloads, the first of which was announced to be The Who's "Who's Next," are hoped to arrive shortly, though the company has yet to specify the price for such content.

Speaking to GameSpot, MTV Games senior VP Paul DeGooyer blamed the delayed availability of albums on technical issues and said he expected to have release dates soon. He also revealed that the company is planning some way for consumers to preview tracks before purchase and noted its preference that any future Rock Band games are compatible with existing DLC.