Alone in the Dark Delay Confirmed

An Infogrames executive has confirmed that the release of Eden Games' Alone in the Dark (PC, PS2, PS3, X360, Wii) will be pushed back to May of this year.

In an interview with French newspaper Les Echos, republished on MCV, Infogrames CEO Patrick Leleu said "[Alone in the Dark's] development is nearing completion but some scenes in this fully immersive game deserve to be more polished and we will not take any shortcuts."

Infogrames owns a controlling stake in the struggling Alone in the Dark publisher Atari, holding roughly 51% of its shares.

Additionally, CVG reports that the PS3 version of Alone in the Dark has been delayed beyond the new May release window, but will still see a 2008 release.

Rumors of a delay were sparked when a feature in this month's Games For Windows magazine listed the title's release date as September, which Atari had dismissed earlier this week.