Eidos Re-announces Highlander Game

A game based on the Gregory Widen-created Highlander franchise is in development for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, publisher Eidos has reaffirmed. Developed by Widescreen Games, it is expected to arrive this fall.

Following the adventures of Immortal Owen MacLeod from ancient Pompeii to futuristic New York, the title is being written by Highlander television series writer David Abramowitz and will be powered by Epic's Unreal Engine 3 technology. nope

Eidos claims the game will take full advantage of MacLeod's status as an Immortal, allowing him to perform feats such as disarming foes by impaling himself with their weapons or conducting electricity through his body. As players master the game's sword-centric combat and behead other Immortals--remember, there can be only one--they will gain new abilities.

"The interactive experience permits players to gain a completely different perspective of the mythos, and experience the powers and advantages of immortality through the eyes of a MacLeod," said Davis-Panzer Productions co-founder Peter Davis, who is fated to guard the Highlander license.

Eidos parent company SCi initially announced its licensing of the Highlander property in 2004, though there was no official word on the project until the first details were revealed last August.