Rumor: Cryptic Studios Picking Up Star Trek MMO

By Aaron Linde, Jan 15, 2008 2:45pm PST Cryptic Studios, developers of the successful MMORPG series City of Heroes (PC), confirmed that the company has been interviewing employees of P2 Entertainment, reports

Though the studio would not confirm if it is currently handling the development of Star Trek Online (PC), Cryptic's tapping of P2 employees seats the studio as the most likely candidate to continue the project. P2 Entertainment was revealed yesterday to have ceased development on the title, transferring the license to an unknown developer.

Rumors of Cryptic's involvement began with a story published this morning on w00tstudios. The company was previously known to be working on the superhero MMO Marvel Universe Online (PC, X360), though rumors strongly suggest the project has been scrapped, with Cryptic refusing to comment one way or another.

Both Cryptic and P2 were reached for comment, but have not responded as of this writing.

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  • Am I the only one who thinks CCP should be handling a Star Trek MMO? Look at what they've accomplished with EVE Online--and its relatively unheard of. With a non-trivial amount of modification to game mechanics, ship models and nomenclature you're almost half-way there.

    The only thing left is to try something new--reward players for role-playing instead of time grinding.

    This is why I felt the Perpetual Entertainment project was suspicious; why would Paramount entrust an intellectual property of Star Trek's magnitude with a start-up developer? Somebody made some quick cash. At least LucasFilm assumed SOE knew what it was doing after their success with EverQuest.