Jade Empire 2 Coming to Xbox 360

A sequel to BioWare's original action RPG Jade Empire (PC, X36) is purportedly in the works, according to San Jose Mercury News' games guy Dean Takahashi. The reporter claims on his blog that he's spoken with someone who's seen code for Jade Empire 2 on Xbox 360.

"It's coming for the Xbox 360, and it's real," Takahashi wrote. Although he's sure its coming at least to Microsoft's platform, Takahashi speculated the title could be arriving on other consoles down the road in light of BioWare's relationship with game giant Electronic Arts.

"It will be interesting to see if Jade Empire 2 will remain an exclusive for the Xbox 360, now that Electronic Arts has agreed to acquire BioWare/Pandemic," he wrote. The original Jade Empire retailed first for Xbox in 2005, with a special edition arriving last year for PC.