First PS3 UT3 Content Released; Tools Not Released

BOOM widget 115838The first user-created content for the PlayStation 3 version of Epic Games' Unreal Tournament 3 has been released--but users still can't freely create their own. As reported, the tools to create PS3 content are still unavailable. Hobbyist designer Thomas "Setheran" Browett this week released a small deathmatch map named Spire (FileShack: PS3/PC) for PC. Epic then took the map and exported it to PS3 itself.

The good news is that Epic is almost ready to release the editor to the public. "We're waiting on some paperwork from Sony that will allow us to release an editor update so mod creators can do this cook process for themselves," Rein wrote in a forum post. "We expect to have that very soon."

Several more user-made pieces of content have been exported to PS3 by Epic then released; check out UT3 FileShack directory for both PS3 and PC versions of warby's DM-Elevation (PC/PS3), Kantham's VCTF-Slax (PC/PS3), Hourence's DM-Krodan (PC/PS3), and Kalcorp's Autoshields mutator (PC/PS3).

For usage instructions, continue on:
- Extract the file in its current file structure to a flash memory card if your PS3 has the slots (you can use a USB card reader if not), or a USB thumb drive.
- Start up UT3 and go to Community, then My Content, and hit the Square button.
- Use the content in any compatible game you host.

Rein stated no changes are required to translate PC UT3 content to PS3. "Epic didn't make this map. Thomas did and he already released it for PC... We didn't do any editing," he said. "All we did was bring it into the editor and 'cook' it into the proper format for the PlayStation 3."

It is likely Sony avoided an integrated PlayStation Network transferral system, as it might leave the company liable for harmful user-created content.