Spector: 'I'm going to be accused of selling out'

When Junction Point Studios was acquired by Disney earlier this year, the companies announced a project was in the works helmed by famed game designer Warren Spector. No details have since been revealed about Junction Point's first project for Club Mickey, but Spector recently gave some interesting thoughts to Eurogamer on the possible reactions to the game and his design philosophy.

"It's going to be like the world came to an end. Absolutely," said Spector when asked what the hardcore gamer response to his new project would be. "I'm going to be vilified. I'm going to be accused of selling out, yet again. It's going to be glorious."

Although Spector didn't give any concrete details on the new project, he expressed a desire to make a shorter game to allow more people to experience his work.

"I don't even want to play--let alone make--a 20-hour game anymore. Heresy! I want every person who plays my game to finish them," Spector told Eurogamer. "There's so much competition for attention and dollars and everything else, if you make a great 6-12 hour game, you've provided great value for money."

Spector also expressed some concern about Eidos Montreal's recently announced Deus Ex 3, a series Spector created. He revealed he's also been in informal contact with the team working on the new title.

"I'm concerned only because...for Invisible War, for all its successes and all the risks it took, it just proved how delicate the Deus Ex game style is," Spector said. "And so people who haven't worked on it...they'll bring something new to it, which is good, but will they understand what made it work? I don't know."