ShackCast 20: Assassin's Creed, Deus Ex 3, Harvey Smith (Updated with Breakdown)

By Chris Remo, Nov 30, 2007 4:01pm PST We recorded this thing before the super-crazy exploding news of the week broke, but ShackCast 20 does include discussion of Assassin's Creed (someone on our staff finally played it!), the just-announced Deus Ex 3, the upcoming Xbox Live update, and Harvey Smith and his departure from Midway Austin after comments regarding BlackSite: Area 51.

Plus, reader mail and what we've been playing, which includes Pain on PS3 and Gears of War on PC.

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00:00: Song and intro!
01:12: We have a blog now! (ShackBlog)
03:06: Deus Ex 3 announced! We don't know whether to be excited. (Story, trailer/pics)
13:55: Harvey Smith describes BlackSite: Area 51's dev process with profanity. (Story)
17:27: Metal Gear Solid 4 needs to sell a million on the first day alone? Whoa?
21:56: Friends of friends (of friends?!) on Xbox Live! Still only 100 real friends. (Story)
30:30: Nick's been playing Assassin's Creed. "I took a hit for the team," he says.
46:10: Steve likes Gears of War on PC, except for the parts he doesn't. (Review)
50:03: Faylor played and reported on Pain (PS3) during the recording process. Egads!
52:19: Faylor can't decide if he likes Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings (NDS). Hmm.
56:24: We discuss reviews and reviewing. How would you feel about short reviews?
61:42: Tutorials are lame.
63:20: Reader mail! We start off with discussion of game feedback for developers.
73:34: We continue on with discussion of subtitles, voice acting, and game dialogue.
80:46: Super Mario 64 or Super Mario Galaxy? Nick gets angry.
85:08: It's over!

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  • Mario 64 was incredible and the most orgasmic gaming experience i've ever encountered in MY apathetic gaming career.

    Well no, but honestly top 10 ever. You guys (sans nick) missed the revolutionary magic. Sorta like how I imagine star wars a new hope was revolutionary at the time but seems a little bit typical now. I mean the race with the penguin was such a great experience, surfing on a turtle shell over fire, the boss battle has to rank top all time for satisfaction in something defeating so much bigger. (versus making it fall down a hole or running under) I even have fond memories of this puzzlish water map involving changing the water level. Metal mario was awesome and also the various moves mario could do I feel was quite an important accomplishment in being simple enough to see but deep enough to make challenging at the time. Just the music was such a big leap forward. Also the format of selecting levels in the castle I think was brilliant and copied many times over.

    That being said the enemies aside from Bowser were very lack luster and the exploratory elements were hit or miss in fulfillment. It had a bit of the case of rare-platform-itis where they just added more and more stars to make the game long.

    Ugh, so awesome, 120 stars and i'd do it again. That being said SMW is still my favorite mario. Galaxy is stellar also.