Welcome One and All

Please excuse the fervered rantings of my crude colleagues.

Welcome to the ShackBlog, the official sounding board for employees of sCary's Quakeholio.

This page is intended to be a place we can share our thoughts about games with readers in a more off-the-cuff way than we do on Shacknews. While Shacknews generally strives to report fairly credible industry happenings in a timely manner (well, we try), and to present feature content of games that are upcoming or just released, the ShackBlog will be where we share more casual thoughts--speculation and general thoughts on upcoming games, or reflections on games already released that don't quite qualify as "reviews" but that we think you might find interesting.

We don't have any plans to compete with sites like Joystiq and Kotaku, which are of course the most heavily trafficked gaming blogs--we already have a news site. The plan is for this not to be a place for breaking news but for broader thoughts on video games.

It's not a particularly well-defined charter--hell, at this point, even we're not entirely sure what all is going to be posted here. We'll just figure that out along the way.