Morning Discussion

By Jeff "geedeck" Gondek, Nov 28, 2007 11:00pm PST Ladies and gentlemen, I bid you good morning. Things are looking pretty good around here, there's a fresh contest going on so bring your best writing chops to the table. I haven't had many chances to gather friends up for Rock Banding, but I'm glad those cries of busted guitars are being addressed.

So with the holiday gaming rush finally in control, I think it's fair to look forward a skosh. Post what game or sequel would you like to see announced in the next year. Give a bit of logic, no one really needs to be told Madden 08, but some justification of it's existence would be nice. I'll randomly toss out a Left4Dead t-shirt to someone tomorrow.

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  • You know, it's a sad day when you realize that you're a true dumbass. In fact, when you google dumbass and the 1st hit is a picture of yourself it isn't very happy making.

    I bought a cheap Dell Inspiron recently, and the entire transaction has been one great act of stupidity oafer another...

    1. I buy the bottom of the line Inspiron (upgraded the ram to 2GB and the OS to Vista Home Premium) with the sole intention of installing W2K3 Server and using it as a domain controller to replace the old server that had recently died after long and faithful service. Then I realize that I don't need a domain controller any longer because the new printer has a built in print server.

    2. So, ok, I'll use it as a spare gaming rig. Sadly, the video chipset built into the mobo is so pathetic that TF2 runs like a very slow slide-show.

    3. So I order a cheap nvidia video card (8600 GT) to get it working reasonably. Yeah... Did I mention that it's a slim-line Inspiron? No? Well, it is. The vid card sticks a couple of inches out of the side of the case. Not only that, but it requires a molex power plug for the extra power, and the PSU in the machine doesn't have a single one.

    So. I'm screwed. I'm stuck with a box that is fit for surfing, email and solitare. That's in. I'm such a genius. Go me!

  • Dear collector's edition makers,

    Stop making random garbage like Assassin's Creed's collector's edition material, which you couldn't pay me to take if I had know what it was. Please stop hard letter boxing material like CoD4's collector's edition material, or random fluff interviews.

    I like 360 specific collector's edition discs such as those included in Mass Effect and Halo 3 -- those are nice, but no necessary. Just have at least decent production quality. However, first learn how to make a fucking documentary please. Leslie Iwerks' Pixar Story is a good example of how to tell the story of a company, and their creative process in an interesting and compelling fashion. Almost every game documentary is not.

    Pissed Off Former Collector's Edition Purchaser