DS Download Channel Launches for Wii (in Japan)

Nintendo has launched a new Wii channel called Minna no Nintendo (translated, Everybody's Nintendo), which allows gamers to check out videos and interviews of Nintendo games for various systems as well as send game demos to Nintendo DS systems via local wi-fi. Unfortunately, it's only available in Japan--so far.

According to hands-on reports from internet experts at the NeoGAF forums, Minna no Nintendo currently features an interview with Nintendo designer Shigeru Miyamoto about the company's upcoming aerobic extravaganza Wii Fit, a DS and Wii release list, video previews of Wii games, and demos of DS titles including Namco Bandai's new Tamagotchi game, Brain Age 2, and a variety of other entries in the mass market-friendly Touch Generations series of games.

Also available is a feedback service allowing gamers to rate games they own in various categories. Areas of judgment include whether each game is well suited to single- or multiplayer play, its appropriateness for casual or hardcore audiences, its relative difficulty level, and overall quality.

Shacknews has sent inquiries to Nintendo's North American arm regarding future plans to make the channel available elsewhere.