More on Marvel Universe Online Troubles

By Chris Faylor, Nov 15, 2007 10:01am PST Speaking with 1up, an anonymous source has detailed some of the issues that are supposedly leading to the rumored cancellation of Cryptic Studios' Marvel Universe Online (PC, X360), which was announced in 2006.

"It reminded me a lot of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. Running at 5 fps," claimed the tipster, who is said to have seen the game about six months ago. "[It] kept crashing and apparently hammered the hell out of both the console's hard drive and Live infrastructure."

He or she elaborated that the project has been, "in the shitter for a LOOOONG time." Other details indicate that the game's fighting system had yet to be decided up until a few months ago, with the team split between multi-button combo-based combat and the one-button fighting system used in most MMOs, such as Cryptic's own City of Heroes (PC).

Another tidbit suggests that the developer was having problems figuring out how to implement popular Marvel characters without detracting from the game, and that the Xbox 360's keyboard controller add-on was "pretty much exclusively designed" with Marvel Online Universe in mind. The release of the keyboard earlier this year is said to showcase Microsoft's lacking faith in the project.

Outside of Microsoft's "We do not comment on rumors or speculation" line, neither Microsoft nor Cryptic Studios has formally responded to the allegations of the game's cancellation. 1up's source claims that, unless a miracle occurs, official word of the game's cancellation should arrive in a few weeks.

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  • Isn't DC doing an MMO as well any idea's how they're "solving" these problems.

    As for people saying it'll only work if you can play as the main heroes I disagree. If you could make a MMO with those hero's still doing their thing it would be cool. Imagine being a low level hero and stopping bank robberies and suddenly the Hulk go's on a rampage thru NY. The major league heroes show up and try and stop him, if you're high enough level you can help but otherwise you just stay out the way.

    The gimmick should be having a storyline and character within that universe and being a part of the normal goings on of that universe, not just relieving existing characters/storylines, that's what single player is for. SWG failed on this as well, it had those cool characters in the game but they didn't actually do anything.