Praise Be, Rocket Race Added to Halo 3 Playlists

And lo, upon hearing the anguished cries of the gamers, this day the thirteenth of November, in the year of our Lord two thousand seven, did Bungie Studios bestow upon its Halo 3 online Xbox 360 multiplayer playlists the sacred rite of Rocket Race, lifting the glorious vehicular battle of two-man teams out of the dismal pit of Custom Games and into the ranks of matchmade Social gaming.

So too has the Lone Wolves player count been raised to six (yea), and so too have flag-based gametypes become more common in Social Skirmish (verily), and so too have a variety of map and playlist tweaks been made across the board (forsooth).

For the fullest of details, clicketh this link to Bungie's abode, then join us in a joyful exultation of "Rocket Race," a psalm from the book of Remo.