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By Steve Gibson, Nov 06, 2007 6:00pm PST So my beloved HR10-250 HD TiVo finally died on me this week and DirecTV doesnt replace those anymore. Sadly my complex is locked to DirecTV so my only options are eBay another HR10 or use the replacement HR20. I'm going to try the HR20 out since it's free and I'm not locked in to any extra commitment but I'm quite uh.. wary. Even if the interface is ok I cant stand the remote and would end up having to find a good universal. Any suggestions on a very simple universal remote that works well with an HR20?

Lastly, more shows stopping due to the writers strike.

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  • Well I want to throw my COD4 copy out the window (360) I've reached a part of a mission thats bugged where a guy wants me to come through a door thats crucial to the mission. I walk through it and this dumb fuck is still standing there looking outside waving for me to come, I've done everything and I can't finish the game now. FYI it's Missile silo mission where your underground with griggs and price and you hear the PA in Russian saying they are starting countdown to launch remaining nukes and you clear out 2 silos on your right or left then as your running back to main hall, the countdown triggers and you see your two guys running to main blast door they get there and he waves for you to follow, i do then countdown finishes and nothing fucking happens he's stuck at door and i cant go anywhere else.