American McGee's Grimm Art Depicts American McGee's Dark Fairy Tale Characters

By Chris Faylor, Oct 30, 2007 9:40am PDT Coinciding with the seasonal tidings, American McGee partner GameTap is wishing everyone a "Grimm Halloween" with the first batch of character artwork from American McGee's latest.

In development at the American McGee-founded Spicy Horse, American McGee's Grimm continues American McGee's tradition of dark, twisted fairy tales, as American McGee set forth in American McGee's Alice (PC).

American McGee's Grimm (PC) will consist of 24 episodic American McGee-flavored installments, with the first slated to appear on GameTap in spring 2008.

For more on American McGee's newest American McGee project and American McGee himself, check out our American McGee-themed chat with American McGee's American McGee.

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