Mutant Storm Empire Confirmed for XBLA Wed., Microsoft Lists Upcoming Titles

We reported on the release date last week, but Microsoft has now officially confirmed that PomPom Games' top-down room-based shooter Mutant Storm Reloaded will be this week's Xbox Live Arcade title.

Including both online and offline cooperative multiplayer, Mutant Storm Empire and its cacophony of mutant screams and robot death cries hits the service on Wednesday, October 31, selling for 800 Microsoft Points ($10). nope

Along with Mutant Storm Empire, the company also announced that the final contestants of the Doritos Unlock Xbox Challenge are available to play at Snack Strong Productions. Up until November 18, players can vote for the one game they want to see transformed into a full-fledged Xbox Live Arcade title, which will be released for free in summer 2008.

As for upcoming Xbox Live Arcade releases, Microsoft issued the following list of games that will arrive "in the next few weeks":

  • N+ / Slick Entertainment, Metanet Software
  • Screwjumper! / Frozen Codebase - Screens
  • Shrek-N-Roll / Activision
  • SpongeBob SquarePants: Underpants Slam / THQ
  • Switchball / Atomic Elbow - Screens
  • Word Puzzle / InterServ International