Mutant Storm Empire Invades XBLA Oct. 31

Mutant Storm Empire, the long-awaited third entry in PomPom's downloadable multi-directional shooting series, will hit Xbox Live Arcade on October 31, reports Eurogamer.

One of the few games available via Xbox Live Arcade when Xbox 360 launched, Mutant Storm Reloaded was among the first downloadable shooters on the service. Unlike Bizarre Creations' Geometry Wars, which had players facing off in a static environment against an endless assault of foes, Reloaded guided players through a variety of shaped rooms, each filled with differently-sized enemies.

The sequel continues the concept of room-based combat, tying the multiple arenas together to form 16 large, scrollable levels. It also adds online co-op to the mix, one of the most requested features from those that played Reloaded. As with its predecessor, Empire will sell for 800 Microsoft Points ($10).

Before Reloaded, PomPom Games produced a version of Mutant Storm for PC, Mac, Linux, and the original Xbox.