Warhawk Patch 1.2 To Include New Layouts, Rumble Support, Warhawk Store

The first patch for Incognito's PlayStation 3 battlefield shooter Warhawk should be coming by the end of the month, but Warhawk director Dylan Jobe has already revealed the details of the game's next update on the PlayStation Blog. Slated for a December release, version 1.2 will feature significantly updated gameplay features including new maps layouts.

"We have found that while a lot of players like playing the really large games, there was a pretty big segment that was playing smaller games," Jobe said in the post. The five new layouts for existing maps will be tailored to matches between four to eight players--Eucadia: High City, Island Outpost: Standoff, The Badlands: South City, Destroyed Capitol: Garden Showdown, and Archipelago: Close Corridors.

The update will also bring the Sony-announced DualShock3 rumble support to Warhawk. Interestingly, Warhawk v1.2 will also include a Warhawk Store for purchasing downloadable game-related content within the title's interface, bypassing the PlayStation Store only accessible via the PlayStation 3's XMB system.

Previous rumors of a December Warhawk expansion included details of a new vehicle, the dropship, though Jobe did not mention this in his post. The soon-to-be available version 1.1 patch will include mostly fixes and tweaks to gameplay functionality, as well as implementation of match-overseeing Warhawk Arbiters.