Painkiller: Overdose Demo

By Maarten Goldstein, Oct 16, 2007 1:36pm PDT

A demo for Painkiller: Overdose is now available, allowing you to try out this Painkiller prequel which started out as a mod for the original game. The 733mb demo includes two singleplayer, and two multiplayer maps.

The retail version of Painkiller: Overdose, which includes sixteen new levels, six new weapons, forty new monsters and additional multiplayer options, will ship October 23.

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  • For those wondering whether to download and install this: If you liked Painkiller, Yes. You want this.

    First, background and specs:

    - I really really really liked Painkiller, a lot. Been a long while since I've played it though.
    - AMD XP 3200+/1 GB PC2700/ATI 1600Pro w/512 MB/7200 RPM HDD

    The game defaulted to 1024x768 with all candy on except for character shadows, which I took a chance and enabled. The gameplay was quite smooth and pretty at these settings (as was Painkiller on this machine) -- UNTIL the intense action, which happens almost immediately and is nonstop, then it gets a bit choppy. Not enough to ruin the gameplay but enough so that I will disable character shadows next time.

    I ran through the SP maps and they are HUGE and take a good amount of time. I played on Easy mode just to test it out and this must mean that the character takes less damage, not that there are less enemies. In easy mode, you lack access to the Black Tarot power-up. This mode, though easy, is NOT boring. This is like the original Painkiller in that there are tons of enemies, constantly, until you clear the level and move on to the next. It's like Serious Sam mixed in a dark, gloomy, bleak, rainy Blood universe.

    And there is blood. Lots of it splashing and streaming from the creepy enemies you kill. Fans of good, solid run/gun/fuck shit up action will enjoy this. Lots of explosions too; more so than I recall there being in Painkiller. Great atmosphere and level design. The sound effects are great -- I have crappy 2.1 speakers and will play again with headphones to fully enjoy. Good music, constant action noise, well-done AI noise. Good physics too; nothing you haven't seen before but it adds to the fun and makes things flow well.

    The bad parts: The cheesy one-liners from the main character. I ignored those after a while. Also, no auto weapon switch when ammo is depleted; perhaps there is a setting somewhere but that tripped me up once or twice during an epic battle when I wasn't paying attention to the HUD. If I hadn't been playing on easy I would have been pissed.

    - The good: The weapons are interesting and some are quite satisfying. I don't recognize any of them outside the standard old-timey shotgun and there is a machine-gun thing but they pack a punch. The wooden stake gun is there but it looks and feels different than I recall. In a few cases the alt. fire is even more satisfying than the main fire, and in one case it's considerably less so. Ammo is plentiful when loaded and easy to find, which is good because you will need it. There are lots of game save points which is cool; you can also auto-save.

    This feels like a worthy addition to the franchise and i understand why they are selling it and not releasing as a mod which was apparently originally planned. Props to whoever made this. I will be buying a copy.