Every Extend Extra, Speedball 2 on XBLA Wed., New Lumines Content and Price Drop Inbound

Q Entertainment's Every Extend Extra Extreme and The Bitmap Brothers' Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe mark this week's Xbox Live Arcade releases, arriving on Wednesday, October 17 alongside some Lumines Live! content and news of an impending price drop for the musical puzzler.

Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe, billed by Microsoft as "the legendary futuristic sports game" created to combat gang violence, carries an 800 Microsoft Point ($10) price tag. As with most retro upgrades, the download includes both the original 2D graphics as well as an HD reimagining. nope

An explosive shooter in every sense of the word, Every Extend Extra Extreme updates the PSP game, itself based on the PC freeware original, and once again puts players in the role of suicidal space ship bent on causing as much havoc as possible. Built around chain reactions, the game requires skill, timing, and a little luck to create the big combos. nope

Along with the expected Main and Time Attack modes, Every Extend Extra Extreme packs a versus game type, along with something Microsoft describes as "a genuine shooting mode." There's also the infuriatingly named Wiz Ur Muzik mode, which encourages gamers to jam to their own tunes. Announced back in March--during my first day at the Shack, no less--Every Extend Extra Extreme will run 800 Microsoft Points ($10).

This week also brings with it two free skins for Q's trance-inducing Lumines Live!-- "Breeze" and the "Heavenly Star" re-release. These are accompanied by the release of the 400 Microsoft Point ($5) Rockin' Holiday Pack and the title's drop from 1200 Microsoft Points ($15) to 800 Microsoft Points ($10). nope