Nintendo Marketing VP Confirms Leave

Rumored to be leaving the company since Nintendo announced the upcoming relocation of its sales and marketing offices, long-time marketing VP Perrin Kaplan confirmed her departure from Nintendo of America today to Reuters. Kaplan will leave the company at the end of the year when Nintendo of America's marketing offices move from the company's headquarters in Redmond to offices in the Bay Area and New York.

Kaplan is the last of three long-standing marketing executives at Nintendo to confirm her departure from the company, following announcements from senior marketing VP George Harrison and corporate communications director Beth Llewelyn. Harrison announced his leave first, but will remain with Nintendo until the end of the year, while Llewelyn left at the end of September following an announcement a week prior.

Like Harrison, Kaplan has worked at Nintendo for 15 years, giving the trio of marketers 42 years of service to Nintendo between the three of them.