Wii Fit Dated in Japan, Two New Wii Channels

Health-conscious Japanese gamers can start their virtual workouts December 1 when Wii Fit retails, Nintendo revealed during its Fall 2007 Conference in Japan. Also rounding out Nintendo's plethora of product announcements at the conference are two new Wii Channels, which will arrive on Japanese consoles in November.

The Minna no Nintendo Channel (Everybody's Nintendo Channel) will allow gamers to download demos of DS games straight to their portable consoles, as gamers can do at in-store kiosks. The second channel, Mii Contest Channel, sounds essentially like a pageant for Mii avatars, with others voting on which character looks best.

Wii Fit has yet to be dated for North America, and neither of the two new channels were given release dates for other territories yet. The announcements came as part of IGN's translation of Ge-maga magazine's liveblog.