MGS Composer Gregson-Williams to Score Call of Duty 4; COD4 PC Demo This Week, Media Released

Though Infinity Ward has heavily showcased the Xbox 360 version of its upcoming Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (PC, PS3, X360), with Xbox 360 hosting the recent multiplayer beta for the game, a recent Activision press event showcased a fair amount of the PC release for the first time--and studio founder Grant Collier announced that a single-player PC demo of the game is due this week. There are no announced plans for console versions of the demo.

"This is true multiplatform development," stated Collier in regards to the three versions of the game due for simultaneous release on November 5. "There's no real lead platform here."


Collier then announced that Harry Gregson-Williams has provided the musical score for Call of Duty 4. Best known amongst gamers for his stirring work on Kojima Productions' Metal Gear Solid series, Gregson-Williams has also done substantial film work.

Call of Duty 4 will also launch with a Nintendo DS rendition developed by n-Space. Check out our PC impressions of the game, or browse our galleries of its PC single-player campaign, PC multiplayer mode, console single-player campaign, and Nintendo DS single-player campaign.