Nerd-Folk Singer/Songwriter to Serenade Players of Valve's Orange Box

BOOM widget 114682Programmer-turned-musician Jonathan Coulton will be gracing gamers with his sonic stylings at some point during their inevitably Shack-recommended playthroughs of Valve's The Orange Box when it is released next week for PC and Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 at some later date.

Valve today announced a collaboration with Coulton, who has composed a single to be included in some way within The Orange Box's seemingly boundless cornucopia of gaming wonder. Known for his soulful rendition of Sir Mix-a-Lot's Baby Got Back as well as his many original geek-friendly folk-rock compositions, Coulton is said to have many fans among the Valve design team that requested his involvement in The Orange Box.

"I am delighted the Valve design team selected me to help make the surprise single a success. If it's not every geek's dream to be immortalized in a video game, it was mine," said Coulton in today's announcement. Shacknews has also learned that Erik Wolpaw (Psychonauts), current Valve writer and co-creator of now-defunct gaming site Old Man Murray, has long held a personal ambition to be involved in the creation of a video game featuring a musical ending credits sequence.

While Shacknews can not disclose any more information about Coulton's involvement in The Orange Box for fear of the swift fist of Electronic Arts' public relations team, let us say this: best ending credits sequence ever.