Turok Gets Hollywood Voice Actor Ensemble

If nothing else, Propaganda Games' reimagining of the Turok franchise will have a dinosauric load of Hollywood talent when it comes out next year, including acting/voice acting vets Ron Perlman--the "Hellboy" star who will be narrating Bethesda's upcoming Fallout 3--and Powers Boothe of HBO's "Deadwood" and "Sin City" fame. These two talents will be joined by 12 others announced by Touchstone today in voicing the game's coterie of characters.

The title role of Turok goes to Native American TV actor Gregory Norman Cruz, most recently in TNT's new fall series "Saving Grace." Joining Cruz as the rest of Whiskey Company--the dino hunter's squadmates--are Timothy Olyphant of the upcoming film adaptation of Io Interactive's Hitman franchise (as Cowboy), the aforementioned Perlman as Slade, Donnie Wahlberg as Shepard, William Fichtner as Logan, Mark Rolston as Cole, Chris Judge as Jericho, Lombardo Boyar as Gonzales, Gideon Emery as Reese, Josh Gomez as Parker, Jon Curry as Foster, Jason Harris as Carter, and Steve Van Wormer as Henderson.

On the villainy side of things, Boothe will voice war criminal Roland Kane, who was Turok's ex-mentor, with Sean Donnellan voicing henchman Grimes. Here's hoping the final product is able to match the quality of the voice casting when Turok ships to retail for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on February 5 next year.