Warhawk Retailing Without Headset This Month

Sony has confirmed to Newsweek's N'Gai Croal that a $39.99 version of Incognito's multiplayer-only Warhawk will be retailing sometime this month. Sony used this same price point in the PlayStation Store for the download-only version of the game, but up to this point offered only a $59.99 Warhawk and Bluetooth headset pack at retail.

A GameStop listing for the title gives an October 10 release for the cheaper game-only version, but Sony would not confirm this date to Croal. The also couldn't confirm if Sony would be using this strategy going forward--releasing a headset bundled $59.99 package of newly released PSN games with a cheaper version retailing at a later date.

Warhawk is one of the already released Sony-published titles that will be updated for rumble functionality once the DualShock 3 retails.